"If I had waited for a more evolved spiritual condition to be of service, I would, as yet, not have commenced." 

                          Francisco C. Xavier

Awakening Spirit is an expression of my love to serve, my continual unfoldment in searching for truth, the longing to live a more conscious, "soulful" life, and my dedication to support people in claiming the Divine Being of Light that they are.
Frani Rubens
Frani Rubens


Embrace new understanding and growth in your life.  
2016 is a special 9 year in numerology signifying
examination, reflection and evaluation.  In the tarot,
the number 9 is the archetypal energy of the Hermit.  
The Hermit helps us by holding a lantern, shining Light
in those hidden and dark places, and allowing us time to
reflect and make adjustments.  
This is the year to explore what has worked in your life
bringing more love, peace and abundance and what
needs to have a new perspective.  This Ho'oponopono
workshop will shine Light providing a new perspective
of healing and forgiveness.  
In love and service,
Frani  💕

Ancient Hawaiin Prayer of Forgiveness


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer that
means to make right.  Essentially, it means to make
right with the ancestors
 or to make right with the
people with whom you have significant relationships.
 It is to correct the wrongs that have occurred in
your perceptions.
If you carry unresolved feelings of malice, resentment,  
blame, anger, disappointment or are holding a grudge,
sadness, jealousy, etc. in your mind and heart, you do
harm to yourself and others. The process of
Ho’oponopono is to align and correct any misperceptions
that you may be harboring.
One perspective of Ho’oponopono is that it sees everything
as an out-picturing of your internal thoughts and beliefs.
Whenever you see something out of balance, even
seemingly unrelated events, you view it as an outward
reflection of an inner imbalance. Acknowledge it, take
it to current challenges, relationships, and events in your life.
Experience this amazingly simple and powerful process
that is currently transforming people’s lives around the
world and could transform yours, this powerful Hawaiian
prayer to restore balance and harmony in your life. 

     I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.                          


Tuesday, March 15    7 – 9pm

SunGates Center, Wheeling

$35/$30 if paid 6 days ahead
SunGates Center
395 E. Dundee Rd., Suite 400 & 500
Wheeling, IL  60090
To Register:, click on Events and click on Ho’oponopono or Call 847-345-0988
 also, offered...
Monday, April 4    7 - 9pm 
Infinity Foundation, Highland Park
$35/$30 if paid 10 days ahead
Infinity Foundation
1282 Old Skokie Rd,
Highland Park, IL  60035
To Register:, click on Courses, scroll down to April, 2016 on Course Calendar  or 
Call  847-831-8828
Course #161127


Seven hand-carved quartz crystals all carved from
one piece of crystal are suspended from a metal
stand above a massage table.  The crystals radiate
the color corresponding to the respective chakra.
The patterned pulse cleanses and balances the
chakras, the electromagnetic field, stimulates innate
healing processes and rejunvenates physical systems.

For an appointment, contact Frani at (847) 780-7822.


SERVICES PROVIDED: All work is of a spiritual nature
and not a substitute for any and all medical protocols,
treatments, services and medications currently prescribed
by your own doctors and health care providers. 

*  Life Directional Tarot Card Readings

*  Energetic Balancing: 
    Aura and Chakra Clearing and Alignment

*  Matrix Energetics Practitioner

*  Barbara Brennan Practitioner

*  Healing Touch Practitioner

*  Energetic Home Cleansings and Blessings

*  Cristal Bath Sessions
    (crystal machine with John of God's blessings)

*  Spiritual Coaching: 
    Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency

*  Classes in metaphysics, consciousness, dimensional shifts,
    vibrational healing, earth changes, merkaba

*  Training Seminars for Hospitals, Doctors &
    Health Professionals

*  Ministerial Ordination through
    Universal Brotherhood Movement

   Email Frani Rubens:

   Call:  847-780-7822

   Skype:  awakeningspirit44

Personal Message from Frani:
A spontaneous spiritual awakening 
redirected my life, placing me on a path of healing, transformation and
service.  The sudden emergence of new thoughts, feelings, insights and 
paranormal gifts began an unfamiliar "awakening" process.  Through
these years, as I have been introduced to many beliefs, paradigms and
cultures, I have gained greater understanding of the spiritual unfoldment
process.  As a natural progression of my own spiritual awakening, I have
made a commitment to support people in their spiritual and personal
development and to help families understand the human soul's longing
to emerge, awaken and evolve.  To serve in bridging western allopathic
medicine with complementary healing, I, also, offer training semiars and
workshops for hospitals, private practitioners and their staff and 
support groups.  Individual sessions, and classes and workshops are 
designed to support people in their personal and spiritual growth,
enabling them to live a more loving, conscious, purposeful life.

Frani Rubens, Bachelor of Divinity, M.S. in Human Service
is founder and director of Awakening Spirit, Ltd.
and creator of the Healing with Heart year-long programs. She is a
Minister Director through Universal Brotherhood Movement, a
Matrix Energetics practitioner, a graduate of the Healing Touch
Program, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the Jaffe Instititute
Basic Medical and Spiritual Healing Program, and Casa Guide of
the Casa de Dom Inacio, the healing center of John of God in Brazil.
For over 20 years, she has made a commitment to her own personal
healing and mastery as a Lightworker so that she is better able to serve
the people who come to her.


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